We cover all areas of quality assurance and testing ranging from processes to tooling and eduction.

  • Test Automation

    Test Automation

    By means of test automation you can reduce the time exposure as well as the workload factor and effort involved. Our team of experts will guide you through the process to ensure that not only your framework is effective but that the automation is viable and / or maybe an offshore solution is more practical.

  • Training & Coaching

    Training & Coaching

    Our professional team of specialists are a fundamental part of ensuring not only your applications and tools are maximized but you are guided through the usage and value of each and every one appropriately, at all levels. Continuous training and updates in reference to test methodologies and tool usage is a part of our valued service.

    NEW: Training Micro Focus ALM Octane.

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  • Installation & Migration

    Installation & Migration

    It is paramount that you choose the right tools to test effectively and simplify each and every process to its maximum potential. Our team of qualified specialists in Micro Focus Application Delivery Management tooling are here to help and guide you through your projects.

    NEW: Migration from on premise software to SaaS.

  • Audits & Assessments

    Audits & Assessments

    As testing is becoming increasingly important for companies, existing inefficiencies and possible disruptions in your testing framework are becoming an issue. Preventing your business moving forward and accelerating. Our experts are committed in helping your team pinpoint those issues and identify the roadmap best suited for your needs to reach your objectives.

  • Test Process Engineering

    Test Process Engineering

    Testing is a continuous process which accompanies software development throughout its life cycle. Our experts will identify exactly how the test process needs to be structure and implemented accordingly for optimal results.

  • Performance Solutions

    Performance Solutions

    Due to the increased usage of mobile terminals we have endeavoured a massive change in load scenarios for back-end systems. Therefore performance tests and the appropriate framework have become extremely important and our team is there to help accordingly.