Business principles

  • Vision


    • Quality.Now is the leader in Swiss quality assurance management solutions (tools, processes, subject matter experts) during the product development, implementation of test phases and production cycle.
    • Companies and industries from various sectors as well as government institutes place their trust in our leading quality assurance solution tools and framework processes as well as our professional expertise and workforce.
  • Mission


    • Services.Now
      We help our customers from various industries to meet their quality and testing requirements in a comprehensive, sustainable and cost-effective way during the whole product and process lifecycle.
    • Solutions.Now
      Our products contain years of expert experience with quality assurance solutions and tools that are applied to all our projects to ensure a robust return on investment, long-term sustainability and a smooth deployment and implementation experience.
    • Products.Now
      We offer an easy access to best-of-breed testing applications - irrespective of whether you would like to go for an on premise installation or for software as a service. Our expert technical consultants, innovative engineers, expert advisor and skilled trainers will support you through each and every project.
    • Experts.Now
      In addition to our highly professionally skilled team of creative, innovative and motivated individuals we also offer a diverse and reputable network of industry related specialist and professionals.
  • Core Values

    Core Values

    • Quality
      Our business principles are focused and measured around Swiss values and virtues. We have structured our market module and activities accordingly as well as our customer experiences, services and products.
    • Flexibility
      We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, prompt and effective turn-around times concerning queries, escalations or relevant customer support.
    • Integrity
      We stand by our word. Our conduct is always centred on strengthening our long-term business collaborations, partnerships and market presence. Sincerity, transparence, fairness and trustworthiness is our trade mark with all our clients and partners.
    • Sustainability
      Our portfolio of solutions provides long-term sustainability and a comprehensive return on investment.