We at Quality.Now have strived over the years to deliver innovative quality tools, expert technical consultation, commercial value and services that make a real difference. Building a diverse and reputable client base from various industries and government agencies:

Reference customers

  • Major bank

    Major bank

    • 8 ALM.Net instances at two locations
    • Server clustering
    • approx. 2'000 projects & 10'000 users
    • Oracle DB migration (RAC)
    • OS change (Solaris to Linux)
    • Various interfaces
  • Energy supplier

    Energy supplier

    • 2 ALM.Net instances
    • Citrix-integration
    • high performance and availability requirements due to extensive test automation
  • International pharmaceutical company

    International pharmaceutical company

    Establishment of a validated test automation framework.
  • Technology start-up

    Technology start-up

    Establishment and configuration of a globally oriented ALM framework across three countries with Micro Focus ALM.Net, Performance Center and Unified Functional Testing Enterprise.
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